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Money Back

Plan No.: 916

New Bima Bachat :

1) Money Back Plan created to address Short-Term Financial Milestones
2) Good Returns with Assured Premium Guarantee

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Plan No.: 948

Bima Shree

1) Guaranteed Additions Bonus
2) Specifically designed for high-net-worth individuals

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Plan No.: 921

New Money Back 25 Years

1) Achievement of short-term and long-term objectives

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Plan No.: 865

Dhan Sanchay

1) There are options for single and limited premium payments.
2) A Guaranteed Income Benefit is available.
3) Maturity will be paid in Regular Payouts.

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Plan No.: 920

New Money Back 20 Years:

1) Achievement of both short and long-term objectives

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Plan No.: 916

Jeevan Shiromani:

1) Premium payment is not linked to profit.
2) Money-Back Guarantee Designed

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Plan No.: 863

Dhan Rekha

1) Guaranteed Money Back Every 5 Years After Completing Half of the Policy Term
2) Guaranteed Additions with Sum Assured at Maturity

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