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Life Insurance Agent Recruitment at Vision India Insurance

Why do you want to become a Life Insurance Agent?

1. Current income is not enough

2. Interested in starting your own business

3. Want to earn lifetime income

4. Want to help multiple families

5.Flexible Work Schedule

6. Rewards and Recognition

7. Personal Growth & Helping Others

8. Passive Income & Job Security

Vision India Insurance company meeting with Agents
Team Vision India Insurance Unit Meeting -30.7.2023
Mr.Yuvaraj life insurance agent

I was working there for 4 years from 2016 to 2020 in marketing section – tele calling under RAMDASS sir . Then I was interested in becoming an agent and I become an agent in both LIC AND STAR HEALTH INSURANCE through VISION INDIA INSURANCE. My experience with VISION INDIA INSURANCE was fabulous and I liked working everyday under RAMDASS sir. I am now doing best as agent in LIC AND STAR HEALTH INSURANCE. Now I am earning great amount than I thought before and I am having the confidence that I will do even great in the future. And Sir is really great and VISION INDIA INSURANCE Staffs are so kind and helpful in solving my problems and guiding me all the time I wanted…..

Mrs.Sujatha life insurance agent

In the starting stages in the star health insurance I don’t know how to access internet at that time VISION INDIA INSURANCE staffs helped me a lot to achieve whatever I have achieved till now. Actually they helped me to open mail id. Itself and verifying the clients and many more like that. I got Full and full support from the VISION INDIA INSURANCE by their training sessions and by there coordination.  I am personally happy with service of VISION INDIA INSURANCE. So much thank you to RAMDASS sir for showing this great and happy job opportunity….I got a call from office and I was asked to take this job opportunity…in first I was not ready about the job as I was working in other company after I passed 10th… then I thought lets give it a try..  I tried wrote exam and successfully I cleared and I did it… on the starting I made 2 success and I was awarded a medal for that and I was very happy. Now I am earning more than what I was earning before and I know that if I follow the guidance of RAMDASS sir I can earn even more than what I am earning now. 

Mrs.Kavitha life insurance agent

As I was a house wife and I was not earning before and then one day I got a call from VISION INDIA INSURANCE. At first I was like should I be selected for this job or not as this job is having a written entrance exam and then I thought ok…I will do lets see what happens.. After a few day I wrote exam and successfully I  cleared the exam. And also I performed well and earned rewards from company. I am very much grateful for this opportunity as company was so helping me to grow in my career and earn money. Company trained me very much and regularly update the current policy and services . Thank you for this great   opportunity and help

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Year of exp with Proud

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18+ Years of Experience in Life Insurance Agent Recruitment

1. In Legacy planning and deliverance

2. In underwriting (insuring) sub-standard lives (Not so healthy people).

3. In claims servicing, main waivers of legal proof of titles, loss of policy documents, gaps in premium payments, rival claims, etc.

4. In the Financial pyramid, the fundamental principle helps wealth grow for generations.

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To transform ourselves into a transnationally competitive financial conglomerate of significance to societies and the pride of India.


To ensure and enhance the quality of the life of the people through financial security by providing products and services of aspired attributes with competitive returns and by rendering resources for economic development


After Food, shelter and Clothing, Life Insurance is essential for every earning person. Equal Life Insurance to their future income is mandatory for every earning person.

Vision India Life Insurance Agent Recruitment 

At Vision India life Insurance Agent recruitment and  Training Center we feel the need to stay abreast of the latest trends, laws and best practices in the insurance industry. As a result, we offer a wide range of training programs to suit the demands of various jobs in the business such as underwriters, claims specialists, risk assessors, sales agents and others.

Vision India Insurance Training Center is a premier institute dedicated to providing high quality insurance training and professional development opportunities. Our training center is designed to provide an interesting and conducive learning environment to the learners. Through this you can became a successful life insurance agent.   

Training methods are carefully planned so that trainees get what they need and can influence their own development. The work will be completed by faculty with extensive and varied knowledge of all aspects of modern banking. Vision India Insurance will be recognized for consistent quality inputs in training and development.



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