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Health Insurance

Secure your health, secure your future” could be a tagline for health insurance.


Cancer Cover (Plan No:905)

1. Financial security in the event of a cancer diagnosis
2. Expanding health coverage Sum Insured grows by 10% annually.
3. Lump-sum payment regardless of real medical expenses
4. Payable as a 1% monthly income benefit for the following 10 years is the premium waiver benefit.

Star Health Insurance Company

1) Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. began conducting business in 2006 with a focus on personal accident, overseas medical insurance, and health insurance.
2) We use our resources to concentrate on service excellence, design products, and use our core competency of innovation to deliver the best to our customers because there isn't any other insurance category on which to concentrate and divide our attention.
3) To ensure that everyone has access to health insurance, Star Health Insurance provides a variety of health insurance options at competitive rates and is devoted solely to providing health insurance as a business.

Arogya Rakshak (Plan No:906)

1. Regardless of actual medical expenses, a lump sum benefit
2. Annual Increases in Health Coverage
3. Flexible Premium Payment Options
4. Advantage of Premium Waiver

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