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LIC Dhan Varsha

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LIC Dhan Varsha is a life insurance plan offered by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). It is a non-linked, non-participating endowment insurance plan that provides a combination of protection and savings. The policy term is 20 years and the premium payment term can be for 5, 10, or 15 years. The policyholder can receive the maturity benefit as a lump sum or as an annual income for a selected number of years. The death benefit can also be received in equal yearly instalments for 10 years. The plan offers tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Choose this plan to Avail Tax Benefit on premium paid Tax saving under Sec 80C & 10(10D) Guaranteed maturity with life cover for securing family's future Sovereign guarantee as per Sec 37 of LIC Act

    • Death Benefits: In the event that the life assured passes away within the period of the policy, the nominee will receive the Sum Assured on Death plus any guaranteed enhancements. Depending on whatever option the policyholder selects, this Sum Assured on Death is:
    • Option 1: 1.25 times the amount of the premium charged against the base sum assured
    •   Option 2: A premium amount equal to 10 times the basic sum assured.
    • Maturity Benefits: In the event that the policyholder outlives the policy’s term, they will be entitled to the Basic Sum Assured as well as any accumulated Guaranteed Additions.
    •   Guaranteed Additions: Depending on the option and the length of the policy selected, a specific sum will accrue at the conclusion of each policy year. The maturity or death benefit will be increased by the sum in its entirety.
  • Basic Sum Assured Policy term of 10 years Policy term of 15 years
    Option 1 Option 2 Option 1 Option 2
    Rs. 1,25,000 to Rs. 2,45,000 Rs. 60 Rs. 25 Rs. 65 Rs. 30
    Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 6,95,000 Rs. 65 Rs. 30 Rs. 70 Rs. 35
    Rs. 7,00,000 and above Rs. 70 Rs. 35 Rs. 75 Rs. 40


Minimum Maximum
Entry Age For policy term of 10 years 8 years Option 1: 60 years
Option 2: 40 years
For policy term of 15 years 3 years 35 years
Age at Maturity 18 years Option 1: 75 years
Option 2: 50 years
Basic Sum Assured Rs. 1,25,000 No limit
Policy Term 10 years and 15 years
Mode of Premium Payment Single premium (lump sum) only
  • Free Look Period: The policy provides a 30-day free look period beginning on the day the policy is purchased. During this time, the policyholder can review the plan’s terms and conditions and, if dissatisfied, return the policy to the company.
  • Surrender Benefits: The policyholder may surrender the policy at any time during the policy term. The Guaranteed Surrender Value will be:
    For the first three policy years: 75% of the Single premium After the fourth policy year: 90% of the Single premium
  • Policy Loan: Policyholders may apply for a policy loan at any time during the policy term after three months from the date of purchase. The maximum loan amount will be as follows:
Option Maximum loan that can be availed (percentage of surrender value)
10-year policy term 15-year policy term
Option 1 70% 60%
Option 2 60% 50%
  • Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider for LIC:
    If the policyholder dies in an accident, the nominee will receive the Accident Benefit Sum Assured in a lump sum amount under this rider. If the policyholder suffers an accidental permanent disability, the Accident Benefit Sum Assured will be paid to the policyholder in monthly installments over a ten-year period.

  • The New Term Assurance Rider from LIC:
    The Term Assurance Rider Sum Assured will be paid if the policyholder dies during the policy term under this rider.

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